Icaro (C14)

Feet and handles made with shaped steel rod, crystal glass top. The matt lacquered interior can be customised in the colours, while there are three available decorations for the front: “wisteria”, “vintage” gold leaf, “storm”. The vintage gold leaf decoration is created by hand, applying one entire piece of gold leaf on a dark bronze coat. In the “wisteria” decoration liquid chalk is carefully poured on the light coat. Next step: wisteria flowers and branches are painted by hand on the mother-of-pearl base coat, flowing the pattern previously created. Chalk, acrylic paint and spatula are the elements of the “storm” decoration: combined together they create an impressive three-dimensional effect.

Finish: wisteria, Chalk, Storm

3 Door:

Dimensions:  Height: 860mm Width: 1850mm Depth: 480mm

4 Doors:

Dimensions:  Height: 860mm Width: 2400mm Depth: 480mm

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