Common (V2)

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Elegant modular system of seats and benches for waiting areas. Its high-density foam retains its pure lines, even after intensive use.


240f : Height: 395mm Width: 2400mm Depth: 1200mm

180f : Height: 395mm Width: 1800mm Depth: 1200mm

180r : Height: 395mm Width: 1800mm Depth: 1200mm

120c : Height: 395mm Width: 1200mm Depth: 1200mm

180l : Height: 395mm Width: 1800mm Depth: 600mm

180h : Height: 605mm Width: 1800mm Depth: 600mm

120l : Height: 395mm Width: 1200mm Depth: 600mm

120h : Height: 605mm Width: 1800mm Depth: 600mm


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