Laminate Tops (P2)

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Circle, square or rectangle table top with flat edge, available in a range of sizes and finishes.

Weather Resistant Finish: 4519, 4543, 4573. (Shown in image.)

Non-Weather Resistant Finish: 4575, 4511, 4517. (Shown in image.)

 Circle Top Dimensions: Ø490mm. Ø590mm. Ø690mm. Ø790mm. Ø890mm. Ø990mm. Ø1190mm.
Square Top Dimensions (WxD): 590x590mm. 690x690mm. 790x790mm. 890x890mm.
Rectangle Top Dimensions (WxD): 1090x690mm. 1190x790mm. 1290x790mm. 1390x790mm. 1590x790mm.

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